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Artisan creativity applied to the most sophisticated nanotechnologies


Tradition and exclusivity always emblems of made in Italy
Innovative technology regarding performance and safety. Unique and high quality materials to create excellence.

Softshield is a high-performance t-shirt with a completely disjointed protective exoskeleton melted on the fabric, extremely light and comfortable; The protection is formed by single and different Pads made of a special shock absorber material; The seamless fabric keeps the protection stable and in an optimal position, without compressing.

The incorporated protective pads are made in a special hydrophobic viscoelastic nitrile rubber, extremely light, with an excellent impact absorption and slow molecular memory.
The Pads are ordered in size and variable thickness in application to traumatological research and studies that prove the most fragile impact zone and more sensitive to impact force; Every single Pads of the protective system is disjoint and independent to guarantee maximum freedom of movement without limits and costrictions.

A seamless fabric of exceptional breathability, ultra thin, two-way stretch and with gradual compression in according to “ Body Mapping analysis in Action Activity” , design to ensure an excellent support and to maintains stable and in optimal position the protective esoskeleton, avoiding the torsion, in case of impact or fall.
Extreme safety in a perfect fit and in maximum comfort.